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If you want streets that are friendly to people, not just traffic, you’re in the right place.

Better Streets is a group of Enfield residents from many different walks of life – parents, grandparents, community volunteers and so on.  Some of us cycle to get around; many of us walk, use public transport and drive – but we’re all agreed that we want healthier, safer, better streets that work for everyone in the borough.

To find out more about our vision, see our manifesto. You can also find us (far too often) on Facebook and Twitter. Our latest news is below. Enjoy!

Connaught Gardens Quieter Neighbourhood

The Better Streets committee has been poring over the council’s plans for the Connaught Gardens neighbourhood in Palmers Green. What do you think – will these measures be effective in creating a quieter residential area with less traffic, where more people are likely to walk, cycle and get to know their neighbours? We think it’s got some good points but, like the Wolves Lane area, a lot more needs to be done. Our response is below.

This consultation ends on 22 October – please see more and respond here.

The ‘Connaught Gardens’ area is a residential neighbourhood bounded by the A406, the A105 (Green Lanes) and Hedge Lane. It gets a lot of through traffic as drivers seek short cuts to these major roads, especially along the Hazelwood Lane – Connaught Gardens – Callard Avenue route. Continue reading

Got ten minutes for better streets in Enfield?

Two important consultations are live in Enfield right now – please respond if you want better streets! We need your help to save Quietway 10, and support Enfield’s first ‘school street. It will only take about ten minutes. Both close on 15 October.

Follow the links to see what Better Streets for Enfield thinks about each consultation, and for a link to the consultation itself.  For a really quick response, you can simply copy and paste, if you agree with our thoughts. Continue reading

Wolves Lane Quieter Neighbourhood

Enfield Council is consulting on plans to make the school run safer to Oakthorpe Primary School on Tile Kiln Lane. It closes on 15 October and you can respond here.

Our response as Better Streets for Enfield can be summarised as:

  • We welcome Enfield’s first school street on Tile Kiln Lane
  • We welcome the crossing on Chequers Way, although its position may need more thought
  • The main problem is traffic cutting through the whole Wolves Lane residential area. Measures are needed to prevent this and keep traffic on the main roads.

If you agree, you could use the same or similar or similar wording in your own response to the consultation.



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Trying bikes at Palmers Green Festival

On Sunday 3 September we ran a bigger, better version of last year’s Try-a-Bike area at Palmers Green Festival. It was a LOT of fun!

Despite the increasingly miserable weather, loads of people pitched up to try the various bikes on offer. At one point it was raining properly, but half a dozen people were still riding around gleefully.

Rain is not putting this family off trying the cargo bike

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A rat run can’t be a Quietway. Tell Transport for London!

We need your help!

Transport for London (TfL) are consulting on a proposed crossing of the A406 at Palmerston Road, N13. It’s part of  a ‘quietway’ – a quiet route for all-age, all-ability cycling (Quietway 10). But Palmerston Road is a rat run for drivers going to the A406, and there are no plans to stop through traffic.

It has been extended to allow more feedback and now closes on the 15 October. Please respond!

You can see the plans and respond here: https://consultations.tfl.gov.uk/roads/bowes-road-palmerston-road/or by emailing consultations@tfl.gov.uk  – for speed you could use the wording in our consultation response below. Continue reading

Speed bumps causing air pollution?

A new government report on air quality includes a recommendation to remove speed humps.  This prompted an ‘alarmed’ joint response from Living Streets, Cycling UK and the Campaign for Better Transport, pointing out that lives could be put at risk by speeding drivers, and not do much to help air quality anyway. Continue reading

Plants and people on the A105

Work continues on the A105.

It’s great to see more plants going in along the route. Where the kerbs are built out to slow vehicles turning in and out of side roads, the designers have added ‘rain gardens’. These are patches of planting which soak up rainwater. They are crucial for London’s sewers, which can otherwise flood at times of heavy rainfall as water rushes along impermeable surfaces into the gutters. And they look very nice too.

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A chat with the police

Last week, at the N21 Festival, Clare and I met up with the police.

It came about through Twitter. In a discussion between Better Streets and others, Winchmore Hill police tweeted that intimidated/insecure cyclists should wear hi-vis and a helmet on busy roads.

What happens when anyone brings up the subject of bike helmets on social media…


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Traffic and transport in Chase ward

Better Streets for Enfield members attended Chase ward forum this week, where Cllr Vicki Pyte (associate cabinet member and ward councillor) had chosen the theme of “traffic and transport”. Ward forums are public meetings that any local resident can attend – this particular meeting had its highest turnout in a long time. Traffic and transport are issues that people clearly feel strongly about.

Chase ward is bounded by the A10 in the east and the M25 in the north (this map does not show the whole ward)

What are the issues?

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What does the Mayor’s Transport Strategy mean for Enfield?

On the 21 June the Mayor released a draft of his Transport Strategy, outlining plans for London’s streets up to 2041.  The main themes are very promising and line up with much of Better Streets’ manifesto vision and asks.

The Mayor’s vision

“London must become a city where walking, cycling and green public transport become the most appealing and practical choices for many more journeys. These active and sustainable transport choices not only support the health and wellbeing of Londoners, but also the city as a whole by reducing congestion and providing the most efficient use of valuable street space… We aim to change the transport mix across London, providing viable and attractive alternatives that will allow Londoners to reduce their dependence on private cars.” Continue reading

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