Here are our five main ‘asks’ for Enfield Council and the Mayor of London. We think these are key to making a safer, healthier, happier borough.

If you agree, tell your ward councillors. You can find them here.

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Low traffic neighbourhoods in every ward

Traffic taking a shortcut through neighbourhood streets, or “rat running”, has many negative effects on residents

A joined-up network of safe, direct walking and cycling routes

We do a lot of driving in Enfield! Our car mileage is growing every year

Pedestrian-friendly high streets to boost local business

Enfield’s high streets are struggling, like many all over the country

20mph as the default speed limit

Being hit by a car at 20mph, rather than 30mph, makes a dramatic difference to whether or not you survive

Traffic-free school streets at school run hours

There are too many cars on the Enfield school run