How are we asking Enfield Council and Transport for London to fulfil our vision for better streets?

These ‘asks’ are in line with the Mayor of London’s Healthy Streets approach to make streets more attractive for walking, cycling and public transport for everyone; with his draft Transport Strategy, including reducing Londoners’ reliance on private cars; and with the government’s Cycling and Walking Investment Strategy aim to “make cycling and walking the natural choices for short journeys”.

We don’t expect any of these to happen overnight, but we are asking for a commitment to deliver them over the next 5-10 years.

For safer streets

Anita Szucs died in February in a hit and run on Bounces Road N9. She had been married less than a year

  • A 20mph speed limit on all roads where people live, work or shop
  • Tougher policing and other measures to address dangerous driving
  • Adopt a Vision Zero policy for zero serious injuries and fatalities on our roads

For better residential streets


The same residential street in Waltham Forest, before and after through traffic was removed

  • Remove through traffic from residential streets to create ‘low-traffic neighbourhoods‘ – allowing walking, cycling and socialising while maintaining access for residents by car
  • Act urgently to cut through traffic on residential streets with the worst volume and speeds
  • Ensure easy access to car clubs / car sharing for all residents, so that fewer households need to own a car.

Read about this in more detail here.

For more active travel

A 6-year-old tries out her bike on the A105, having just bought it from the Cycle Enfield bike market

This 6-year-old feels safe enough to ride her new bike a short distance on the A105

  • Provide more pedestrian crossings where needed
  • Continue to make cycling safe for all ages and abilities by providing protected bike lanes, safer junctions and low-traffic routes across the borough
  • Identify key walking routes and invest in making them safe and inviting

For better high streets


Public realm improvements in Winchmore Hill make it a place to stop, not just pass through

  • Make high streets places to linger, with more pavement space, seating, tree planting and greening
  • Work with local business owners to ensure they are benefitting too
  • Make high streets easy to cross safely with young children or for disabled people

For better school travel

The school run in the Netherlands. About 80% of Dutch secondary students cycle to school

  • Implement school streets where possible, to stop traffic on school roads during school run hours
  • Work with schools and parents to significantly reduce car use on the school run
  • Establish a ‘library’ of family bikes and accessories to help parents transport children by bike.

For cleaner air


Nearly 9,500 Londoners die prematurely every year because of air pollution

  • Advocate for an Ultra Low Emission Zone that extends out to the M25
  • Seek an improvement in air quality well below the EU legal limits.