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Stop the hate!

Over the last week Enfield has seen a spate of social media posts ridiculing cyclists and inciting violence against them.

Photos of cyclists riding outside the new cycle lanes, which is permitted by the Highway Code, have been shared hundreds of times and been accompanied by comments like “Hit him with the car” and “knock the *****s over”.


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Traffic chaos or cycle heaven on the A105?

I have done a rough and ready video of Green Lanes showing some of the new bits of infrastructure and how to negotiate parts of it.

See the video here

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Winchmore Hill businesses welcome investment in the high street

A group of traders in Winchmore Hill this week described Enfield’s Mini Holland as “a £42 million kick-start for everyone”.

Describing the controversy over cycle lanes as “a fight between two drunks in a pub who’ve forgotten what they’re fighting about” they claim it has overlooked an important benefit of the scheme: regenerating the high street.


Newly revealed public realm improvements in Winchmore Hill including a ‘bus stop bypass’ for bikes

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Sadiq Khan defends Enfield’s cycle lanes

Back at the beginning of March the Enfield Southgate MP David Burrowes sent a letter to Mayor Sadiq Khan criticising Cycle Enfield’s cycle lanes and asking the Mayor to halt the work. Read on to see both his original letter and the response from City Hall. Mr Burrowes must be a little disappointed…

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A people-friendly junction unveiled!

Last Friday saw the long-awaited completion of the most significant junction in the Cycle Enfield A105 scheme – the Ridge Avenue/Church Street intersection, next to Ridge Avenue Library. It’s not completely finished in every detail, but it’s operational – and that means waving goodbye to those temporary traffic lights with their inevitable queues of cars. Plus, it looks great. This blog post is re-blogged from Enfield Cycling Campaign’s website.


A stretch of segregated cycle lane approaching the junction

A stretch of segregated cycle lane approaching the junction

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Enfield politicians not listening? We attend Enfield Council meeting to find out

Better Streets for Enfield attended the Enfield Council meeting on 6 April. We sometimes go to council meetings if  better streets are on the agenda, but on this occasion it was because the Conservative opposition had tabled a motion called “The council’s Labour administration isn’t listening”. Having attended the meeting, I feel we should re-name it “Anti-cyclist campaigners aren’t getting their way and are cross”.


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The A105 cycle lanes – the work progresses

It’s been exciting to see the new cycle infrastructure take shape on the A105. These photos were taken in the first week of April to give you a little taste of the progress so far (excuse the poor quality of these night time pictures)…


Cycle lane crossing the junction with Park Avenue. The cycle lane in the foreground is the end of a bus stop bypass

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Clean Air London Meeting

David Hilliard and I attended the “How do we get clean air for all Londoners” meeting arranged by Caroline Russell, Green London Assembly member. There were about 75 people attending – a mixture of experts and campaigners. This wasn’t a sit back and listen to some speeches type event – it was more about engaging the experts and campaigners to come up with some ideas about how we can get a Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) across the whole of London. The ULEZ has improved since Boris Johnson first proposed a small zone due to start in 2020.

Boris Johnson's original ULEZ zone due in 2020
Boris Johnson’s original ULEZ plan due to start in 2020

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Support Green Lanes!

On Saturday 18 March a group of Enfield residents gathered in Winchmore Hill to support businesses affected by the Cycle Enfield roadworks.


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Do you want a Quieter Neighbourhood?

Is your neighbourhood affected by too much traffic? If it’s fast or heavy enough that you wouldn’t feel confident cycling in your area,  crossing your own road or letting your child play on the street, then this is for you.

Enfield Council are asking what we think of our residential streets and neighbourhoods for its Quieter Neighbourhoods scheme. The aim is to make our neighbourhoods better for walking, cycling, play and sense of community. The perception survey is here. (The survey has now finished for Palmers Green, Bush Hill Park, Winchmore Hill and Grange Park – look out for draft designs for these areas – but your views are still needed if you live elsewhere in Enfield.)

From the Quieter Neighbourhoods website

From the Quieter Neighbourhoods website

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