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We need clean air in Enfield too

Would you like cleaner air in Enfield?

The Mayor is consulting on his plans for the Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ). As they stand, these plans could make Enfield’s air WORSE.

Toxic NO2 emissions in London. Can you spot the North Circular?

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Changes to funding for Enfield’s streets

Borough councils across London are said to be furious after Transport for London (TfL) cut funding intended to maintain and improve borough streets, including Enfield’s Mini Holland grant. Continue reading

Navigating the hostile streets of outer London

How can we make Enfield’s streets less hostile to human beings who are not inside vehicles?

As an outer London borough, we are highly dependent on our cars, and the design of our streets – especially at major junctions like on the A10 and A406 – makes travel by any other means unappealing or downright dangerous. Enter Caroline Russell, Green London Assembly member and award-winning healthy streets champion, with some ideas of how to tackle our ‘hostile streets’. Basil Clarke explains – the following is his article on the Palmers Green Community website, republished with permission.

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“The lesson…is that you should not be afraid”

Andrew Gilligan on Enfield’s Mini Holland

Andrew Gilligan, London’s Cycling Commissioner when Boris Johnson was Mayor of London, was closely involved in Enfield’s Mini Holland. As well as being the person who commissioned it, of course, he kept in constant touch with the council throughout the process and attended some of the key council and public meetings during the consultation period. So it’s fascinating to read his perspective on Enfield.

Andrew Gilligan (holding banner on left) after Enfield Council’s vote to approve the A105 cycle lanes

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Dockless bikes are coming to Enfield

Great news – dockless bike hire is coming to Enfield!

What, you might ask, are “dockless” bikes? Unlike central London’s famous Boris Bikes – which need to be taken from and returned to special docks on certain streets – dockless bikes can be found, and left, in any public place that isn’t causing an obstruction. In theory, you could get off a train in Enfield, find a hire bike right outside the station, unlock it with an app on your phone, ride it home and leave it parked on your street. You’d only pay for the minutes you used to ride it.

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Ponders End high street

We’ve focused a lot on the A105 scheme in the west of the borough in this group, as that’s where most of the Cycle Enfield action has been. But meanwhile Ponders End in the east has been quietly transformed, right at the heart of its high street.

In November 2017, four members of Better Streets / Enfield Cycling Campaign went to have a  look at what’s been happening.  I’d personally only seen the scheme on paper until then, and had concerns about the ‘shared space’ design. The three others live locally, and their feeling was that while it isn’t perfect, where it’s complete the new layout, traffic flow and look of the street was much better than before.

Shared space

The A1010/Lincoln Road junction before the work started, from Google Streetview

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Take action for quieter neighbourhoods… by Sunday!

Only a few days left before the Fox Lane Quieter Neighbourhood (QN) consultation closes! Please have your say before midnight this Sunday (26 November).

This Better Streets for Enfield flyer has gone to 1,000 households in the Fox Lane area (Image: Jakob Hartmann)

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Crackdown on A10 speeding and cruising meets

Good  news for everyone fed up of cars screaming up and down the A10 all night or ‘cruising’ in illegal retail car park meetings.  The following report is by Basil Clarke and first appeared on the Palmers Green Community website:

  • A multiagency “clampdown” on A10 speeding is planned, including the use of a PSPO to break up “car cruising meets”
  • Public responses to the proposed package of PSPO measures have been highly supportive and they are likely to be introduced

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Quieter neighbourhoods under attack

The ‘lucky people’ are the residents of the affected area

‘Save Our Green Lanes’ (SOGL) member Helen Osman has been busy attacking two of the Quieter Neighbourhood plans in her newsletter N21 Online.  SOGL are now distributing leaflets to households in both the Fernleigh Road and Fox Lane areas, encouraging a negative response to the consultations.  What are they upset about? Continue reading

Fox Lane Quieter Neighbourhood plans

The Fox Lane Quieter Neighbourhood consultation is open, showing some innovative and promising ideas. You can see the plans and respond here, while the technical drawings are here – the closing date is 26 November.

The map in the Fox Lane QN consultation leaflet

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