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Enfield Green Party takes the Better Streets pledge

We’re delighted to announce that Enfield Green Party are the first party to take our pledge for better streets in the run-up to the May local elections!

Co-chairs Alex McRae and Kate McGeevor said, “Enfield Green Party are commited to making Enfield’s streets cleaner, safer and healthier for residents. We believe streets are for people, not traffic. The space has to be shared but on residential streets residents should come first. We are delighted to support the Better Streets for Enfield campaign and to pledge our support for the creation of people-friendly streets throughout Enfield.”

Here’s the pledge they took:

Better Streets for Enfield calls on all local parties to commit to supporting the health and happiness of all residents by creating people-friendly streets in Enfield – where traffic is reduced, where people have priority over traffic, and where walking, cycling and public transport are safe, attractive options for everyone. We ask you to commit to:

1) Submitting a high-quality and safe, “Liveable Neighbourhood” bid, based in an area with high potential for walking and cycling, that provides big wins for both and that takes major steps to prioritise people walking and cycling over private cars in the area during the course of your term

2) Creating low-traffic neighbourhoods, to reduce traffic speed and volume where people live

3) Completing the work of Cycle Enfield, to allow all-age, all-ability cycling throughout the borough.

We’re also hoping to hear from the local Labour, Liberal Democrat and Conservative parties. We believe that making our streets safer, greener, cleaner and less traffic-dominated  for everyone cuts across party lines – this is surely a goal that every candidate should support.

Winchmore Hill’s warrior against waste

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What a day! Celebrating the A105

Yesterday saw a day we have been looking forward to for a very long time – the launch of the completed A105 route through Enfield. The A105 (Green Lanes) now offers safe space for cycling all the way from Palmerston Crescent at the North Circular up to Enfield Town – a distance of over three miles. As well as bike lanes it’s got remodelled junctions, more planting, seating, new paving and decluttered town centres. It’s been transformed.

The launch was even better than we’d hoped. Not only did the rain hold off all afternoon, but more than 200 people of all ages turned up take part in riding and celebrating the new cycle lanes. What a day!

I joined one group of residents coming from Palmers Green and we gathered outside The Fox pub.

Raring to go – just before we started our ride up the cycle lanes to the launch in Winchmore Hill. (Photo: Phil Rogers)

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Health, disability and cycle lanes in Winchmore Hill

Ashley and Cllr Dinah Barry discuss cycle lanes in Winchmore Hill

A couple of Better Streets members who are also Winchmore Hill residents went to their local ward forum this week. Here’s a summary: Continue reading

Hope for better streets in Bowes

As  Better Streets for Enfield, one area of the borough has been on our radar for a while as a place blighted by traffic problems: Bowes ward, particularly Warwick and Brownlow Roads.

Google maps showing the B106 (Brownlow Road) and Warwick Road N11, both blighted by heavy traffic

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Ride the A105!

On the afternoon of Sunday 11 March  we’re gathering to ride the new cycle lanes along the A105!

Meet here in Winchmore Hill at 2pm on Sunday 11 March

Come one and all, whether you cycle every day or haven’t ridden a bike for 40 years – this will be an easy, family-friendly ride. We are joining with Cycle Enfield who are providing cycle instructors and marshals. (And it’s Mother’s Day, so bring your mum!)

Feel free to decorate yourself, your bike or both – balloons, bells, windmills, fancy dress all encouraged – and celebrate the transformation of this road and its town centres along the route.

Time and start place: 2pm outside Capitol House / Coffee Break in Winchmore Hill, 794 Green Lanes, N21 3RB (see  image above from Google).

How far will we ride? There will be a choice of rides, either 20 minutes or a 40-minute ride, going out in groups of about 10 with a ride leader. Both are suitable for new or non-confident riders and they will stick to the bike lanes so you won’t have to ride in traffic.

How do I get there?  You can come on public transport without a bike, and rent one of Enfield’s new dockless hire bikes at the starting point!  (For ages 15 and up.) Download the Urbo app first – see The starting point is on the 329 and 125 bus route and also a few minutes’ walk from Winchmore Hill station. You could also bring your own bike on the train.

I’d like to cycle there but I’m nervous of riding on the road. Contact Enfield Cycling Campaign on and they might be able to pair you up with a cycling buddy to get you there safely from wherever you live in the borough.

Cycle lanes are bad for business, right?

It all started with a tweet. In response to a lovely photo of some children riding on the new cycle track in Palmers Green, someone wrote “Hope  you enjoyed looking at all the empty shops?”

Typically with social media, no evidence is given for linking building cycle lanes and shops closing. In fact in Palmers Green, while there have been some shop closures, there is zero evidence that they have closed or moved due to the cycle lanes or even the construction of the cycle lanes. In the same way that the idea “cycle lanes cause pollution” seems to have taken hold despite no evidence, this makes for a worrying trend. Will the lie that “cycle lanes close shops” become accepted wisdom? There is plenty of evidence from around the UK and the world that it isn’t true.  Continue reading

Will the death of Anita Szucs change anything?

This week saw the trial of Ugur Unlu, the speeding driver who killed 30-year-old Anita Szucs last year on Bounces Road N9 as she cycled home from a night shift. He was doing 50mph in a 20mph zone and hit Anita head on. As she lay dying on the road he drove for another two miles, his windscreen completely shattered, before abandoning the car.

Image from BBC news website

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We need clean air in Enfield too

Would you like cleaner air in Enfield?

The Mayor is consulting on his plans for the Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ). As they stand, these plans could make Enfield’s air WORSE.

Toxic NO2 emissions in London. Can you spot the North Circular?

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Changes to funding for Enfield’s streets

Borough councils across London are said to be furious after Transport for London (TfL) cut funding intended to maintain and improve borough streets, including Enfield’s Mini Holland grant. Continue reading

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