We’re calling for safe, healthy, people-friendly streets in Enfield

  • Safe streets – with safe space to walk, cycle and cross on busy roads and quiet, low-traffic streets in neighbourhoods
  • Healthy streets – where  active travel is the natural choice for short journeys and air is clean enough for children to breathe
  • People-friendly streets – with lots of plants and seating, and where motor traffic doesn’t dominate – especially on high streets

Our asks


Enfield council: please free us from our cars

Dear Enfield Council, Let’s face it – many of us in Enfield are addicted to our cars. We use them for all journeys, long and short, even trips we could have walked in five minutes. Are we just lazy? Or have we got into the habit because for many journeys, driving is not only the…

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Enfield Cycle Campaign and Better Streets for Enfield Review 2021/22

What we said we do Plan and action initiatives to encourage new cyclists to continue cyclingSupport low traffic neighbourhood groups throughout the Borough, engaging in advance where we can.   Address particular challenges in the east of the Borough. We will need to engage with   cultural/community/religious groups.Ensure that  active travel funding awards to Enfield…

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Local Elections 5th May 2022

Better Streets for Enfield’s Five ‘Asks’ Ahead of the Enfield council elections on 5th May, we are asking each party to commit to five ‘asks’. The ‘asks’ are designed to encourage and support cycling and walking in Enfield – reducing pollution, noise and danger and helping people to get active. They will also help address…

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‘Seismic’ – a guest blog by Clare Rogers

Clare Rogers celebrating the opening of Enfield’s A105 cycle lane Five years ago few people had heard of a “Low Traffic Neighbourhood” but that has all changed. Here Better Streets for Enfield member Clare Rogers gives a very personal account of her journey over the last few years. All around me London’s streets have been…

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How businesses can play their part in reducing traffic

Sam and Roberta run Hot Milk neighbourhood cafe in Bounds Green and here Sam explains how their business is adapting. Adapting, not only to the low traffic neighbourhood, but also the need for fewer deliveries. This is a really good example of how businesses can play their part in reducing traffic and so emissions on…

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