We need high streets and shopping parades where people want to spend time

The high street is struggling

Enfield’s high streets are struggling, like many all over the country. There are many reasons for this (like online shopping) – but traffic-dominated streets certainly don’t help. Studies have shown that too much traffic puts people off spending time on a high street. And cyclists and pedestrians spend more money in local retailers than drivers do (The Pedestrian Pound), so we need to make it easy for people to access shops on foot and by bike.

So far in Enfield…

The A105 and Hertford Road schemes have made several town centres along the routes greener and more pleasant, with rain gardens, seating and more pavement space. Enfield has also won Liveable Neighbourhood funds from the Mayor to make Enfield Town more friendly to pedestrians and reduce the impact of traffic. Many shopping areas remain untouched however, such as on A-roads south of the North Circular, so there is more work to do.

Our ask

For every street in Enfield where people come to spend money – from small shopping parades to whole town centres – we want people to feel safe and relaxed as they shop. That means:

  • More pedestrian crossings in the places where people want to cross
  • A 20mph limit with traffic calming
  • More space for people – wider pavements, plazas, seating, greenery
  • Easy access by bike and plenty of bike parking
  • At least one traffic-free high street in the borough.