Better Streets looks at the local election results

Who are the winners and losers?

Better Streets has taken a keen interest in the local elections – it’s local councils after all who are responsible for most of our streets. We’ve asked each political party leader to take our pledge , alongside the London-wide Liveable London campaign asking residents to email the leaders en masse. The Green party fully supported it and Labour supported the pledge but modified it on the basis of their version of Quieter Neighbourhood (watering it down). While the Conservatives and Liberal Democrats made opposing Cycle Enfield a major part of their campaigns. So what would be the outcome of polling day on Thursday 3 May?

I woke up early on Friday to watch all the final results come in for the Enfield wards. I live in Winchmore Hill ward, and the results were last to be announced.  Palmers Green had again solidly returned three Labour councillors, and so had Southgate Green – and this ward originally only had two Labour councillors, so it was a gain. There was also a Labour gain in Southgate ward but that looked tight. Winchmore Hill was an important ward as most of the anti-cycle lane campaigners seem to focus on it as an area where they thought there were the most problems. Oddly, much of Palmers Green is also in the ward, so in effect Winchmore Hill has two of the most important town centres affected by the work of Cycle Enfield. Would Winchmore Hill vote in the three Conservative candidates who so opposed our new cycling infrastructure? When the result came in I posted a rather bleary-eyed tweet complete with typos:

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