Over the last few months, a group of us at Better Streets for Enfield and Enfield Cycling Campaign have been meeting to thrash out our vision for Enfield’s streets.

We’re delighted that Enfield Council has begun to transform our streets over the last few years – and that healthier lives have resulted – but there is so much more to do. Our basic vision hasn’t changed from when we first started – we want safe, healthy streets where any age can walk, cycle or spend time, where community flourishes and businesses thrive. But how exactly do we want the council and other authorities to bring those changes about?

On Monday we launch our five main ‘asks’

So on Monday we launch our five main ‘asks’ – actions that we think are key to making a safer, healthier, happier borough. Please tell us what you think – if you agree, contact your ward councillors and tell them so. If you don’t, tell us why!

Our little working group has had an expert facilitator in the form of seasoned consultant, researcher and campaigner Megan Sharkey (standing in the photo above). Among other achievements, Megan worked with council, businesses and residents in Newcastle, Australia to create miles of active travel routes and greener, more sustainable streets. Megan is  a trustee at London Cycling Campaign and is researching for her PhD at the University of Westminster.