Many anti-LTN campaigners claim that a majority (or ‘the many’) support their views. Multiple research surveys show the opposite is true and last week in north London the electorate spoke. Indeed anti-LTN campaign platforms proved disastrous for local candidates. There were four by-elections in Hackney – two prominent anti-LTN & ‘Horrendous Hackney Road Closures’ organisers stood to become Councillors in two of these.
Standing in Hoxton East & Shoreditch: Niall Crowley, endorsed by Lawrence Fox, writer for Spiked online & opinion pieces such as ‘In defence of gentrification’ received just 7.8% of the total votes. In comparison; the Greens received 16% and the Labour winner 53%. Candidate Clair Battaglino, on Twitter as ‘Future Councillor’ and ardent campaigner to remove LTNs received a mere 3.8% of total votes. The Labour candidate elected received 63%.
In neighbouring Islington, anti-LTN candidates also failed spectacularly. In St Peter’s ward by-election, Jody Grabber, with the single policy of removing LTNs and who faces court charges of drug possession & violence next month, came last. Also in Islington, Bunhill ward anti-LTN candidate Martyn Perks came last. In Highbury West ward candidates of the parties promoting LTNs (Labour & Greens) received 73% of vote. Let the people decide!