This May Enfield residents will vote in a new council. It’s time to start looking at the candidates and ask: Who will make the biggest difference to our streets? Who will commit to bringing us cleaner air, active travel for all, and quiet residential streets where children can play?

Alongside the My Liveable London campaign by London Living Streets and London Cycling Campaign, we are asking all local political parties to take our pledge:

Better Streets for Enfield calls on all local parties to commit to supporting the health and happiness of all residents by creating people-friendly streets in Enfield – where traffic is reduced, where people have priority over traffic, and where walking, cycling and public transport are safe, attractive options for everyone. We ask you to commit to:

1) Submitting a high-quality and safe, “Liveable Neighbourhood” bid, based in an area with high potential for walking and cycling, that provides big wins for both and that takes major steps to prioritise people walking and cycling over private cars in the area during the course of your term

2) Creating low-traffic neighbourhoods, to reduce traffic speed and volume where people live

3) Completing the work of Cycle Enfield, to allow all-age, all-ability cycling throughout the borough.

Better Streets’ request is endorsed by London Living Streets, Enfield Cycling Campaign, 20’s Plenty, Playing Out, Sustrans, RoadPeace and a local Safe Routes to Schools group.