“If you can change a street, you can change the world”

 Janette Sadik-Khan

We’re a local group calling for a better balance on Enfield’s streets between cars, bikes, public transport users and pedestrians, to create a more people-friendly borough. Not many of us cycle and most of us drive – but we all agree that streets dominated by cars don’t work for anyone.

We support the reallocation of space on main roads, town centres and residential streets so that:

  • Street design takes into account the needs of those who walk, cycle and use public transport as well as those who drive
  • Riding a bike is a safe, convenient travel option for all ages and abilities
  • Children can walk or cycle to school, for better health, wellbeing and independence
  • Fewer short journeys are made by car, reducing air pollution and leaving more space for those who need to drive
  • Residents can lead a healthier, more active lifestyle, saving money for the NHS
  • Residential streets are communities rather than conduits for traffic
  • High streets are pleasant places to spend time and money.

In short, so that residents can enjoy where they live, work and shop while still being able to travel about however they choose.

The reality today is that Enfield is highly car-dependent, and the design of its roads makes travel by any other means difficult, unattractive and sometimes unsafe.  The borough also has unhealthy levels of physical inactivity; congested roads;  adverse levels of air pollution; not enough space for parking; a very high rate of childhood obesity; and  high streets where businesses struggle to stay afloat. Enfield’s growing population will inevitably make these problems worse.

We believe that the Mini Holland plans to reallocate space on some roads for both pedestrians and bikes – providing better infrastructure in town centres and along major routes while quietening residential streets – will begin to achieve this vision of a people-friendly Enfield. Carried out in full, and extended beyond its current scope in the future, this scheme could benefit not only every resident of Enfield, but provide a model and inspiration for other suburbs in London and beyond.

We support Enfield Council’s efforts to transform our streets with  Transport for London funding, and seek to work with councillors and officers to make it the best it can be.