If you want streets that are friendly to people, not just traffic, you’re in the right place!

We’re people who live or work in Enfield.  Some of us cycle to get around; many of us walk, use public transport and drive – but we’re all agreed that we want healthier, safer, better streets that work for everyone in the borough.

We’re all volunteers and we act as a ‘critical friend’ of the council, giving constructive feedback and ideas to the council’s transport and Healthy Streets programmes.

To find out more about our vision, see our manifesto. You can also find us (far too often) on Facebook and Twitter. Our latest news is here.

Who’s on the team?

We’re a small bunch of volunteers with busy lives and we always need more help. Let us know at info@betterstreets.co.uk if you want to join our team, especially if you live in the north or east of the borough.

Adrian Day campaigned for many years to make his residential rat run quieter before joining Better Streets. He is keen to see healthier, less traffic-dominated high streets and organised our one-day parklet on Palmers Green High Street. He lives in Palmers Green. Adrian is the coordinator for our group.

Jess Rimmington began cycling to work during the pandemic. She then became involved in campaigns for low traffic neighbourhoods, separate, safe cycle paths and healthier streets. Jess is enthusiastic about ebikes as an inclusive, active travel option and has always enjoyed a car-free life. She is Treasurer and lives in Bounds Green.

Local resident and native north londoner Georgia Yexley is an inclusive sustainable mobility expert and advocate. Having worked with hundreds of cities across the globe on achieving their sustainable and active transport aims, she now advises the public, private and third sector on improving inclusive sustainable mobility, through her business – Loud Mobility.
Loud Mobility was founded with the intention of progressing the system change needed for sustainable transport to deliver a positive impact on the places we live and the planet at large. Importantly, this is built around a human-centred approach that focuses on people and the value of play in achieving the social and cultural change we need.

Paul Findlow can be seen riding his recumbent bike around Enfield, sometimes wearing a traffic cone hat! He organises the group’s popular Try-A-Bike event at Palmers Green Festival and has led Easy Rider rides. He lives in Edmonton.

Basil Clarke has long been concerned about the over-dominance of cars, the way they create stress, nuisance and restrict people’s freedom to walk and cycle safely (and emit greenhouse gases). Basil represents Better Streets on the Enfield Climate Action Forum and is a member of the Living Streets campaign for pedestrians. He runs the Palmers Green Community website and lives in Palmers Green. 

Clare Rogers‘ better streets journey began with a campaign for a play street in Palmers Green. She wants more streets where people take priority over vehicles, and for anyone to be able to travel around Enfield without needing a car, especially families on the school run. She is a founder member of the group and lives in Palmers Green. 

David Hilliard is another bike lover who works as a cycle instructor in his spare time. He never gets tired of seeing people of all ages learning to ride a bike for the first time. He is a founder member of our group and lives in Enfield North.

Mark Hawkins-Dady was thrilled to discover Better Streets while campaigning to solve his local
traffic blight. Spurred on by a new low-traffic neighbourhood, he dusted off his bike and
rediscovered the benefits of active travel, for shopping and everyday utility. He would like more of
Enfield’s residents to enjoy safe, healthy streets, whether cycling, walking or simply living in them.
He lives in Bounds Green.

Hal Haines has been commuting to work by bike since 2007 and is a bit of an e-bike evangelist. He’s keen on people of all ages and backgrounds feeling safe to use bikes for everyday trips in Enfield. He is a founder member and lives in Palmers Green.