More than 75 Fox Lane area residents got together to show their support for low traffic neighbourhood plans last Sunday. Aged from only a few months to over 70 years, they met at the Amberley Road play street and unveiled a “YES TO LOW TRAFFIC” banner.

The event was organised by the Fox Lane LTN group who are campaigning for Enfield’s first low traffic neighbourhood. They have started a petition here:

Our children were at Walker School and most of the kids there did Bikeability – but I’ve never seen any children cycle to school because of all the traffic.

Sue Hicketts, The Mall

Jeremy Hay-Campbell, a spokesperson for the group, said: “Today has been a great display of strength of feeling for proper steps to address the unacceptable number of vehicles and the excessive speed on these residential roads.  Amberley Road has over 27,000 vehicles accessing it every week. The vast majority of these – as for all other roads in the Fox Lane area – are simply passing through. The pollution and safety issues we face on a daily basis are no longer acceptable.  This has to stop.”

I don’t want my road to be a corridor for cars. I want it to be a place where I can meet my neighbours and my 10-year-old son is able to play independently.

Emma Maloney, Cranley Gardens
Bambos Charalambous MP joined the Fox Lane group event. Photo: Phil Rogers

As Better Streets for Enfield we fully support these residents. Not only is the level of traffic unacceptable for those living within the area, but it makes walking and cycling across it extremely unsafe and unpleasant for anyone wishing to travel between Palmers Green to Southgate. Low traffic neighbourhoods create a network of ‘active streets’ that prioritise people over traffic, so that a child can walk, scoot or cycle safely to school or an elderly person can take their time strolling to the shops.

Our road is a through route for commuters avoiding the M25 or going into London. My colleagues at work have told me they use it as a short cut.

Richard Colvin, Amberley Road

The Fox Lane LTN group welcome the council’s decision to trial an effective solution to the problems and the recognition that their original plan needed some adjustments, particularly with too few entry/exit points.  The group has produced an alternative proposal, the ‘green plan’, to  address the issue, and is working with other groups across the area to find a consensus.

The ‘green plan’: the Fox Lane LTN group’s poster suggesting an alternative scheme

To find out more about the Fox Lane LTN group plans or to support their campaign, please get in touch via

Clare Rogers